More Spooky Student Stories (Post-Halloween Episode)

The Post-Halloween Episode features four more student stories. Listen to tales about: a monster that demands sacrifice; a historic Halloween; teens in the deep woods; and a supernatural Air B&B. From young writers Aleina Wang, Olivia Beauchamp, Lexi-Jade McCowan, and Olivia Li. PG.

You can listen to the episode right here or from your favourite streaming platform.

More Spooky Student Stories (Cabin Tales Post-Halloween Special Episode)

Read the full transcript of this episode:


[0:00] Intro

[1:15] Story One Intro 

Have you ever needed to get away for a while, maybe head to the coast and spend the night in an old Victorian mansion on a clifftop and finish your novel?

[2:15] “Air B&B” by Olivia Li

Michelle needed to get away. When she saw the photo of an old Victorian home in the country by the sea, and the price of just $50 a night, she transferred the money and headed straight over. …

[10:50] About the Author

Olivia Li doesn’t want to believe in ghosts, but she does and they scare her. She likes ghost stories and goofy comedies, especially when they’re combined.

[12:00] Story Two Intro 

Have you ever dared someone to do something unusual? Maybe it seemed bold but not really dangerous? You didn’t think anyone could actually get hurt doing it.

[12:45] “The Duskmire Forest” by Olivia Beauchamp

“He went into the cavern and—Boo!—there in front of him stood a ten-foot—”

“Caleb, don’t scare the children!” said Lisa. Lisa didn’t like scary stories….

[22:05] About the Author

Olivia Beauchamp is a grade 7 student at Symmes Junior High School in Gatineau, Quebec. Her advice to other young writers is: “Keep a youthful imagination.”

[23:10] Story Three Intro 

Have you ever gone to a cottage in the deep woods with a few friends, and things just didn’t feel right?

[23:50] “Minutes to Sunrise” by Lexi-Jade McCowan

Me and my friends, Jordan, Lucas, and Hayden, were all staying at my parents’ old cottage for a week….

[31:25] About the Author

Lexi-Jade McCowan is a 12-year-old student doesn’t usually like writing. Her advice to other young writers is: “Keep working hard. Don’t give up.”

Special thanks to the English Language Arts teachers at Symmes Junior High School in Gatineau — teachers Sarah Legge and Alex Peach – who’ve been sharing this podcast with their students. 🙂

[32:50] Story Four Intro 

Have you ever heard of a monster that demanded a sacrifice?

[33:30] “The Monster of Feyre” by Aleina Wang

Feyre was a beautiful and tidy land. Sure, it was cold. You only saw the sun for one month a year. But the Fey were well-bred. They wore elegant furs, made interesting conversation, and were good businessmen and women. They were also good secret-keepers….

[40:45] About the Author

“The Monster of Feyre” won an Honourable Mention in the Ottawa Public Library’s Awesome Authors youth writing contest in 2019, in the 9-12 age category, and it was published in Pot-pourri 2019. Aleina says this is one of her weirder stories. She has lots of advice to young writers, like combining random words as a prompt to get you started, and writing an outline to keep you motivated. You can read all of Aleina’s advice right here:

Pot-pourri covers

Special thanks to the Friends of the Ottawa Public Library Association, which publishes Pot-pourri, for permission to read the story on the podcast. 

Pot-pourri is an annual anthology that features all the winning and honoured stories, poems, and graphic narratives from the Awesome Authors contest.

This year’s contest opens in December; check out the OPL website for more information. I will be a judge this year in the 9-12 age category. And I want to read your stories. (They don’t have to be spooky.)

[43:05] Time to write your own tale

Now that you’ve heard all these great student stories, it’s time to write your own.

Next week, I’m back to the regular format for Cabin Tales with Episode 6: “Begin in the Darkness.” You’ll hear an original story from a fictional student, plus excerpts from David CopperfieldThe Chocolate War, and Charlotte’s Web, and interviews with guest authors Karen BassKate Inglis, and Chris Jones.

Thanks for listening.


Music on the podcast is from “Stories of the Old Mansion” by Akashic Records, provided by Jamendo (Standard license for online use).

Host: Catherine Austen writes books for children, short stories for adults, and reports for corporate clients. Visit her at

Art: The B&W image for this episode is from a wood engraving by Gustave Doré from Milton’s Paradise Lost, 1880.

Published by Catherine Austen

I am an award-winning Canadian author of books for all ages, including Walking Backward (Orca), My Cat Isis (Kids Can Press), 26 Tips for Surviving Grade 6 and 28 Tricks for a Fearless Grade 6 (Lorimer) and All Good Children (Orca). I live with my family in Gatineau, Quebec.

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