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Have a cabin tale of your own to share? Something sparked by one of our prompts? Or something sparked in the fires of your own creative fury? We’d love to consider it for podcasting in the Cabin Tales Halloween Special Episode on October 30th.

Halloween Story Submission Requirements:
  • Spooky, weird, unsettling, thrilling, hilarious, or creepy stories — the sort young people would tell around a campfire to entertain their friends.
  • Stories that would be rated G or PG or PG-13. 
  • Original stories that you created yourself — not urban legends, not fan fiction, not true crime, not a Goosebumps book paraphrased, and not a story you cut and pasted from another website. Write your own tale.
  • Stories of 2000 words or less. 1000 is better.
  • Ideally, stories written in the third person.
  • Stories by adult writers or student writers — let us know which you are in your cover letter.

By submitting your story to Cabin Tales, you are offering worldwide non-exclusive audio rights and the right to keep our audio version of your story online for as long as the Cabin Tales Podcast is around. (If you really need us to take it down in a year because the publisher of your new anthology requires it, okay, we will — but that would be a big hassle so we’d really like to keep it up forever.) 

These rights are not as scary as they sound. Granting them just means you’re letting Catherine read your story on her podcast. Once the episode is podcasted, all rights revert back to you. You can sell your story elsewhere, publish it, anthologize it, or broadcast it as it pleases you, and she can’t do any of those things without your permission.

All we ask is that, if Cabin Tales is the first place your story is introduced to the world, please credit the podcast in future publications of that story. We like bragging rights. 

If you are submitting a story that has been previously published in any form, please ensure that you hold the non-exclusive audio rights we need. If you have signed away all rights to your story, sadly we cannot use it without permission from your publisher, which is a hassle to obtain. So double check. (And stop signing away all your rights.) 

How to Submit

Send your story by October 1st 2020, along with a few words about yourself and when you wrote it, in the body of an email to cabin(at)catherineausten(dot)com or use the form on the Cabin Tales Contact Page.

If your story is accepted, we’ll tell you if we’d like to read it in whole or in part and what changes we might need to make before we can do that. You will be asked to provide a biographical blurb and any links you’d like featured on our shownotes. 

The transcript of the Halloween Special Episode will include just the first paragraph of guests’ stories. If the text of your story is available online somewhere, please include a link.

Alas, in these early days of our podcast, we cannot pay you anything but respect. 

We look forward to reading your work. 

Art Credit: The image on this page is a cropped unsaturated version of Hansel and Gretel by Arthur Rackham from The Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm, 1909.

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